Finest European Waterfalls



There’s nothing more mysterious than a waterfall cascading down into a cave, which is exactly what you get with this place. Getting to the waterfall is not for the claustrophobic: you’ll have to slide through a narrow crack in the rock to get into the cave where you can see the waterfall.

Bigar Waterfall


When you’re done gaping at this amazing waterfall, you can also hike up and see the cave that the water flows from. Just make sure you wear good shoes, as the path can be a bit slick depending on when you visit.

Pliva Waterfall

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s what’s behind this waterfall that really makes Pliva Waterfall so impressive. Of course, the 70-foot cascades are impressive in their own right, but behind the falls, you’ll be able to see the town of Jajce, which rises high up onto a hill, dotted with historical buildings and fortifications and crowned by a 14th-century fortress.

Stunning Waterfalls in the USA

Havasu Falls


Hard to reach but too beautiful to miss, Havasu Falls is hidden between the red cliffs and caverns of the Havasupai Tribe Reservation in a remote part of the Grand Canyon. From 90 feet up, the falls plummet into the blue-green water of Havasu Creek, dazzling visitors who make the long journey to see the amazing sight for themselves.

Grand Falls


Though this waterfall is a little-known attraction in Arizona’s Navajo Nation, it’s a pretty big deal. Taller than Niagara Falls, the Grand Falls is an expansive stretch of water, flowing into the Colorado River.

Akaka Falls


The half-mile loop trail on Hawaii’s Big Island yields plenty of beautiful sights, but none are as dramatic as the view of 420-foot Akaka Falls. Flowing year-round, it appears to be totally secluded in a thick rainforest, yet it’s easily accessible from a paved path leading to a picture-perfect vantage point.

Short Guide to A Great Waterfall Photo

Choose Timing Wisely

Waterfalls are often in deep canyons, so as long as the sun is behind the mountains with the whole waterfall in the shade, you can achieve a long exposure with nice even light. In fact, you can plan ahead to maximize this. If the waterfall you’re wanting to shoot is facing east, sunrise would not be the best time of day because it will catch the light right on the falls. So an east-facing waterfall will be the best shot in the late afternoon.


Photography is always about compromises. In this case, the slightest loss in sharpness, only visible when viewed at 200%, is greatly outweighed by capturing the water’s movement. Don’t be afraid to use f/22 if you need it. I try to shoot for exposures 1-4 seconds long.

Shutter Speed

A good rule of thumb is to start with a speed of 1 second and take a test shot. Review it on your camera's LCD screen and adjust until you get the correct level of blurring. Don't worry if the scene is overexposed; we'll adjust other settings to compensate for that.

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